Friday, June 11, 2004

June 2005 - The Proposed 1937 Flat 6 Engine

AFTER (PROTOTYPE), Driver's Side View - Proposed BOLT-ON accessories to modify the original #T-38 Dodge straight 6, 218ci engine to increase horsepower 20% to 25%. Bolt-on accessories include: finned aluminum heads, 2 custom air cleaners, dual Holly/Webber carbeurators, finned aluminum dual intake manifold, 1 pair of 3-port headers*, and a modified carbeurator / throttle linkage. Using only bolt-on modifications allows engine to be returned to 100% stock condition if needed.

(Engine shown is the stock straight 6 from a 1937 Dodge Pickup Truck - this more common Dodge "Short Engine" is noted by the 23" long head. However, many Humpbacks ran the Chrysler "Long Engine" or "Canadian Engine" - noted by the 25-1/2" long head & the bigger 3-3/8" bore.) . . . *Engine parts & headers generally are not interchangeable between the 23" and 25-1/2" engines. The ductile iron headers shown fit the 23" Dodge engine; the 25-1/2" Chrysler engine can run custom stainless steel headers made from a modified stock 1970's Corvette thick-walled header.

HEI ignition kits (using stock GM replacement parts) are available to fit these MoPar straight 6 engines if a 12V conversion is done first. Below is a close-up photo of the 12V HEI ignition to fire up this 78HP MoPar straight 6 engine (Click photo to enlarge):

Proper GM replacement parts for this MoPar update/conversion are available from Tom Langdon at in Utica, MI.