Friday, June 11, 2004

RARE 1937 Dodge Folding Seats

RARE 1937 Folding Seats (shown here with original upholstery!). Used only on the Commercial Panel Truck (Humpback Panel), Screenside, & Canopy Express 1937 truck models. These truck models came with only a driver's seat. The seat backs tipped forward, then the seat bottoms also tipped forward. Gas tanks for these models were filled by tipping the driver's seat forward (vs. Pickups that had an external filling nozzle protruding from the body). The passenger or "auxilary seat" was originally a $10 option available only by special order (shown here with the seat back tipped forward). Both seats shown here are ORIGINAL 1937 EVERYTHING . . . the blue-grey vinyl fabric has an embossed crazed pattern (see inset photo).

Measurements: The seat back arcs to 20" high above the seat cushion; there are 5 pleats in the seat back arranged to produce four vertical 2-5/8" wide panels and two wider end panels. Seat Cushion measures 20" wide x 17-1/2" fore to aft.