Friday, June 11, 2004

RARE 1937 Dodge Gas Tank Access Door

RARE Gas Tank Access Door - used only on the Commercial Panel Trucks (Humpback Panel), Screenside, & Canopy Express 1937 truck models. Gas tanks for these models were filled by tipping the driver's seat forward, then opening access door underneath the seat (note: when opened to a vertical position, this door nests in a metal bracket on bottom of seat to hold the driver's seat up in a tipped forward position to provide access to the gas tank). This access door was located in the 3/4" plywood floor insert directly under the driver's seat (hinge side mounted forward) and covered a 6-1/8" diameter round hole (cut into the 3/4" plywood) that revealed the tank's gas cap below. In the closed position, this access door was held shut by a friction fit against a 1" wide x 1-3/4" long curved metal tab ("J" shaped, laid on its long side) that was screwed into the plywood floor with a #10 wood screw.  (Click photos to enlarge.)