Tuesday, October 05, 2004

1936-1942 MoPar #64257I OEM Wheel Wrench

MOPAR #64257I WHEEL WRENCH FOR 1936-42 DODGE - Although this was standard equipment for the 1930's MoPar vehicles, this "Wheel Wrench" (as described in the 1937 MC Model Code book "Truck Parts List", page 20-C) is hard to find today. If one is located, it is commonly mislabeled as an "engine crank handle" for under $10 . . . however, if properly labeled as a 1930's MoPar "Wheel Wrench" it typically sells for over $80 to $175.

Note: the MoPar hex socket is 3/4". The 3/4" hex socket fit both the MoPar wheel lug bolts and the decorative mounting nut on MoPar fender skirts. The square drive socket was used to operate the jack for changing tires (e.g. 1930's MoPar OEM jacks made by: Buck-Eye Jack Co., Auto Specialties Co., or Walker Mfg. Co.). The square drive is not an "engine crank" as is commonly believed.

CAUTION TO MOPAR OWNERS: a nearly identical 1930's Ford wrench has a 13/16" and/or 7/8" hex socket that will not fit MoPar lug bolts; the Ford hex is too big for MoPar lug bolts. The Ford wrench typically has stamped "Ford" or similar markings in the center of the 7-1/2" shank. The Ford wrench is much more common than the MoPar #64257I wheel wrench (the MoPar wrench typically has no stamped markings). Check the hex socket size BEFORE you buy to ensure you are buying the much rarer MoPar #64257I wheel wrench.  EXAMPLE OF MISLEADING  SELLER: see eBay 180673237626, Seller:  greywaterman

As a courtesy to other 1930's Dodge fans, we have provided detailed dimensions to help you locate this MoPar #64257I Wheel Wrench . . . hopefully at the under $10 price range. This wrench is needed to complete your on-board MoPar factory tool kit for your stock restoration (see 1930's MoPar tool list below - click image to enlarge).

1936 Dodge Trucks Parts Book, Page 20-1 (Click Photo to Enlarge).

Photos ©2006-2009: MoPar Part #64257l -AND- Page 20-1 from 1936 Dodge Trucks Parts Book