Friday, October 15, 2004

The ORIGINAL 1937 First Owner Custom Ordered this Truck from Dodge

The ORIGINAL 1937 color of this truck is Yellow (see lower photo), however it is not a match to one of the stock 1937 Dodge Truck colors (see upper photo). A stock Dodge paint job was black fenders and running board with a body color selected from these paint chips. However, 1937 "Build Records" indicate the Los Angeles, CA factory shipped this particular truck painted only with "Primer" to the dealership . . . it was then painted 100% Yellow (even the bright stainless trim molding was painted Yellow). This was typical of trucks ordered with "custom" paint jobs for government service and the like . . . but which agency ordered this custom paint job? (The 1937 Dodge dealership was Osen Motor Sales in San Jose, CA. - see dealership photo below).