Friday, October 15, 2004

U.S. Bureau of Public Roads - Likely 1st Owner of this 1937 Dodge Humpback

Circa 1937 U.S. Government Property Tag original to the Dodge 1937 Panel Truck, decoded as follows:
“ Serial Number, "621362" = 6 digits unique to the US Government (instead, Dodge used 7 digit serial numbers from 9247201 to 9250807 as the VIN).
“ Engine Number, "38" = the Dodge T-38 engine (straight 6 cylinder, 218 cid, 75-hp)
“ Engine Number, "14118" = the Dodge serial number of the specific T-38 engine in this truck.
“ Type, "1/2T" = half ton (the weight class of this 116-in wheelbase truck).
“ Model, "MC" = Dodge Commercial Series MC Truck (built only in 1937).
“ Plaque measures 3-3/4"W x 1-7/8"H on 0.046" brass stock . . . and indicates that the custom Yellow color of this truck was special ordered for the US Government in 1937. Jokingly known as the "Bureau of Parallel Ruts", the Bureau of Public Roads evolved into today's Federal Highway Administration now under the U.S. Department of Transportation. (Our gratitude to H. & T. Wallace of Camas, WA).