Friday, October 15, 2004

Project - 1937 Dodge Humpback

Above: Body Sheet Metal Repair & Frame Completed.

This truck is 1 of ONLY 2 known 1936-1938 Dodge Panel Trucks
with the RARE factory coachbuilder-made Carryall rear dual-window
conversion (re: also done to adapt this 1/2 ton truck for School Bus use).
In 1939 Dodge made this Carryall rear dual-window set-up a standard
model starting with the 1939 Power Wagon T202 VC-6 trucks.

Above: Body & Frame as found.  Note Factory Rear Window Conversion.

BEFORE - A team of Industry Experts has assembled to restore this extremely rare "cream puff" to stock 1937 condition. When completed, it will rival it's maroon companion currently in the Chrysler Historical Collection. (Photo: June 2004)